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Carolon Couture Compression Hosiery


Compression Hosiery

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Compression Hosiery Never Felt So Good! Healthy compression and fashion come together beautifully in our medical compression hosiery. From the comfort of our everyday Health Support line to the shapely, upscale Couture line of products, you’ll find the perfect combination of function and fashion. Luxury compression garments manufactured with breathable, micro-fiber yarns with our proprietary Comfort Knit™ design for complete ease of application, maximum stretch characteristics, and soft silky coverage. Using a unique combination of yarns, Carolon Health Support stockings provide a sheer appearance and silky feel with accurate compression profiles. All Health Support stockings and socks are “shaped to fit” for ultimate comfort and performance.

  • Carolon Silver Technology
  • Using unique silver yarns to control the growth of order causing bacteria, fungus, and mold.
  • Permanent silver is embedded into the yarns, will not wash or wear out. Maintains effective action for the life of the product.
  • Micro-fiber silver yarns provide the best in comfort.
  • Below Knee, Full Length Thigh with Silicone Dot Stay Up Band, Full Length Thigh with Waist Attachment, Tights, Maternity Tights

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Carolon Couture Compression Hosiery

Manufacturer: Hometown Medical

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